Journey of Self Discovery

CellularBioEnergetics is presents a Journey of Self Discovery. Join CBE in creating and understanding Bioenegetic Views. Begin your journey by knowing yourself. Download the form below, capture your personal information, and send it back to CBE or bring it along when you have your in-store consultation.

Download: Measure Your Thyroid Health - CellularBioEnergetics

Eddie S. Ndlovu is an independent health researcher and the owner of Cellular Bioenergetics (PTY) Ltd a small company producing distributing high-quality boutique supplements with the focus of supporting a healthy metabolism. Eddie is interested in understanding health and life from a bioenergetic point of view, or the interaction between an organism and it’s environment and how those changes influence cellular respiration.

What could be more important to understand than biological energy? Thought, growth, movement, every philosophical and practical issue involves the nature of biological energy.

Ray Peat PhD