The BioEnergetic View on Fertility

CellularBioEnergetics products recommended for therapeutic application in contexts dealing with fertility.

Understanding Fertility

CellularBioEnergetics is committed to the developmental trajectory (as proposed by Ray Peat PhD) by increasing the availability of biological energy during gestation for all women globally.


Dr. Peat's Progest E

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Progesterone mitigates stress, facilitates adaptation, and provides a sense of direction & purpose.

Progesterone is the consciousness hormone and accelerates evolutionary processes.

  • My baby boy is turning 2. I never thought I would be this lucky but I was willing to experiment with progesterone and found a way to reevaluate my situation.
  • My Husband and I were not able to conceive (so the doctors had advised us). I learned about the revolutionary new products and looked online for information. We got in touch with Eddie, and discovered that he supplied several products.

Fertility for Her

Fertility for Him

A higher metabolic rate is ideal for Fertility.

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Dietary PUFA causes (reversible) male infertility and androgen deficiency.

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Low-dose (but not high) niacinamide reverses reproductive decline in old females.

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Eating 1 lb of sugar daily has strikingly positive effects on (male) fertility.

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Male fertility depends on intensity of (sperm) metabolism.

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Inhibiting estrogen synthesis may treat / prevent ectopic pregnancy.

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TSH in the mid-normal range can cause female infertility.

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Estrogen lowers T, DHT, and fertility; inhibits 5α-Reductase (5-AR).

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Pregnenolone (P5) fully prevents testicular atrophy due to steroid (ab)use or high estrogen.

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