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In order to perform physical analysis of ”illness” and ”cure” one should rely on an effective model of cell which, in this case, we have chosen to be Ling’s model (Ling, 2007). The principle parameters of this model are based on assumption that vital functions of cell are described as cyclic transitions between two states: resting state and excitation (two state model). According to Ling, a key factor which ”switches” cell between these two states is ATP. At resting state ATP is adsorbed on key cell proteins, that leads to formation of the following complex: (ATP)m(protein)n(H2O)p(K+)q, where in may be so big so that all key cell proteins may become a part of such complex; complex with n = 1 is considered as physiological atom or physioatom (Matveev, 2005), as in this case complex under consideration represents a minimum structure which preserves capacities of a whole resting cell.

Thermodynamics of pharmacological action for electron-accepting compounds on activated or damaged cell in the context of Ling’s mode of the living cell—2011

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